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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Preventive and General Dentistry

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Choosing a dentist to care for your smile presents overwhelming options. At Fanelli Dental, we want you to feel confident in your choice to trust us with your smile. We welcome questions – big and small – and encourage you to get in touch if you do not see your question listed here.

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Preventive and General Dentistry

Not only do we accept new patients, we warmly welcome your entire family to our dental practice. We have patients aged 18 months to those who have over a century of wisdom and are well-equipped to provide quality dental healthcare at every life stage and with the challenges that changing medical health involves.

Whole Body Health

Recent research links oral health to overall health in nearly every system of the body. Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, so when infection develops and inflammation is present, it can cause serious health complications.

It is particularly imperative that patients who live with diabetes or heart disease maintain healthy gums, as these conditions are strongly linked.

Certain medications also impact your oral health, which is why we regularly update your medical history.

Care for Expecting Mothers

Gum disease can contribute to low birthweight babies, and it is common for expecting moms to develop pregnancy gingivitis due to fluctuations in hormones. We love watching the families in our Gladstone community grow and will help patients maintain healthy gums throughout pregnancy with personalised treatment plans.

By providing exceptional family dentistry, Fanelli Dental eliminates the need to make additional trips across town to paediatric dentists, or for advanced treatment such as extractions, root canals or orthodontics. We will take care of your dental needs right here in our modern and welcoming surgery.

When you feel dental pain, it is an indication that an oral condition is now advanced. Most dental conditions do not cause pain until they become more involved. What was once a cavity that could be treated with a small filling might now require a root canal treatment and dental crown – or even extraction.

At Fanelli Dental, our regular active maintenance programme is designed to help prevent costly and involved dental procedures by consistently evaluating the health of the teeth, gums and bite.

Regular check-ups will keep our dentists informed of any changes that put your oral health at risk, and diagnostic x-rays will reveal underlying decay, fractures or infection.

Professional cleans with our oral health therapist remove calculus (tartar) and plaque in places that your toothbrush and dental floss cannot reach. The care provided by our oral health therapist complements your daily home care and polishes away surface stains that darken the smile.

Active maintenance is a small investment that pays off by preventing more costly procedures and unexpected dental emergencies that interrupt work and holiday plans.

Even if it has been a while since your last dental visit, we can help you get back on track with healthy teeth and gums. Contact Fanelli Dental, our independently owned and operated Gladstone dental surgery.

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