Complete and Partial Dentures

Because of changes in bone structure over time, dentures require periodic replacement. If you are facing extractions or have ill-fitting dentures, our Gladstone dentists can help.

Modern Dentures for Beautiful Smiles

Complete and partial dentures have provided a teeth replacement option for centuries, and if you have visions of your grandparents' too-large, false-looking teeth, you have the wrong idea about modern dentures.

Today, natural-looking dentures are not only a possibility, but also a reality, especially when designed under the direction of an experienced dentist. While they still hold some limitations, the use of implants has afforded reliable stability that gives patients their confidence again.

We design aesthetic dentures to complement your appearance in our Gladstone dental clinic.

Complete Your Smile with Partial Dentures

When missing some, but not all, teeth on the upper or lower arch, a partial denture can complete your smile and improve chewing function. Partial denture bases are available in cobalt chrome, acrylic and flexi options based on patient preference and need. We meticulously match partial denture teeth to your natural teeth to ensure aesthetic results.

Replace an Entire Arch with Complete Dentures

Edentulous patients can benefit from the replacement of an entire upper arch, lower arch or both arches with complete dentures. When facing full-mouth extractions, patients do not have to go without teeth. Immediate dentures provide a solution available on the same day as surgery.

On-Site Dentures Provide Exceptional Results

Denture and partial denture creation depend on precise planning and collaboration with a skilled technician. Fanelli Dental features an on-site lab, which makes it possible for our dentists to ensure quality results.

Our on-site lab also makes it convenient for patients who require adjustments to their dentures or who need a reline to improve fit.

Implant-Retained Dentures

For patients who have difficulty with stable denture fit or who want the confidence of a denture that will not shift or fall, implant-retained dentures provide a solution that increases dietary options and encourages active professional and social interactions without the concern of an embarrassing denture mishap.

Using the latest diagnostic equipment, we will determine the ideal location to place four to six dental implants per arch. Dental implants fitted with a locking mechanism will secure dentures in place until you release them for cleaning or maintenance.

Implant-supported bridges replace several teeth without the need to alter adjacent healthy teeth. Instead, implant bridges rely on dental implants to secure artificial teeth in place.

Looking for a Solution to Missing Teeth?

Contact Fanelli dental in Gladstone, QLD for information about the latest innovations in tooth-replacement treatment. We welcome you to arrange a consultation where we will discuss your options and help you make a choice that gives you your confidence again.