Full Mouth Reconstruction

Broken and missing teeth complicate normal speech and make it difficult – or painful – to eat certain foods. Even if your oral health seems overwhelming, Dr Remo Fanelli and our Gladstone dentists can help you regain your oral health and your smile with our comprehensive approach to dental care.

What Causes Teeth to Break Down?

Broken, damaged and missing teeth can occur because of neglect or misalignment, poor occlusion (bite) or as a result of trauma from an accident. Chronic bruxism (teeth grinding) can also cause teeth to become worn and shortened, making it difficult to chew.

No matter the cause, our ‘wholistic’ approach will allow you to regain normal function with beautiful results.

Treating Existing Conditions First

Before beginning restorative dental treatment with tooth-coloured fillings, ceramic crowns or dental implants, we will evaluate your oral health for any underlying conditions that may negatively impact your results.

Periodontal disease – Controlling gum disease will restore gum tissue to its healthy state. When infection is present, it undermines restorative dentistry and put your smile at risk. Our skilled oral therapists will customise a treatment plan to eliminate bleeding and inflammation, so your dental fillings and crowns fit perfectly and have greater longevity.

Active decay – Eliminating decay before placing restorations removes the bacteria that cause teeth to break down and will be part of organising an appropriate treatment plan.

Misalignment – Misaligned teeth are not only difficult to treat, but also lead to excessive wear. Orthodontics improves alignment and supports good oral health by eliminating overcrowding and overlapping teeth, which are more prone to decay.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full smile makeovers and full mouth reconstruction produce the best results when planned with your whole mouth’s health in mind. Precise design will ensure a comfortable bite to improve chewing function, in addition to giving you lovely results that look like you were born with a perfect smile.

Dental crowns rebuild and reshape worn and broken teeth. Ceramic CEREC crowns, created in a single visit in our Gladstone dental surgery, fit directly over the existing tooth structure, eliminating pain and sensitivity. We also offer CEREC to replace unsightly heavily filled teeth.

Dental implants replace missing teeth from the root to crown and reduce bone loss. Replacing missing teeth can also improve facial structure by supporting the overlying tissue.

Ceramic veneers add length and guidance to worn teeth and provide a uniform appearance for a celebrity-perfect smile. 

Dental bonding addresses small chips and reshapes teeth with tooth-coloured resin for seamless results.

Our Experienced Dentists Welcome You

There is no need to feel guilty or judged about your current oral health and smile. Our compassionate team is solution-oriented and passionate about helping patients recover their health and their smiles with high-quality dentistry and personalised care.

Contact our Gladstone dental clinic, and we will arrange a time for you to come in and talk with one of our dentists. Your call could be the first step to having a confident, radiant smile again.