Dr Remo Fanelli

Do I wait until my child is in high school for braces?

Dr Remo Fanelli strives to prevent dental conditions before they cause lifelong problems, which is why we start monitoring each child’s growth and development from age three, and can from this early age, identify potential areas of concern with regards arch development, facial muscles, tongue placement, oral habits, swallowing patterns, airways and breathing. 

Many of these common developmental challenges require only non-invasive oral appliances such as Myo Munchees or Myobrace for resolution. Exercises to train the lips, tongue and swallowing techniques also contribute to a little one with a healthy smile and proper function.

We value parents’ opinions and maintain open communication from your child’s very first visit to the dental clinic. By working together, and with today’s modern dental techniques, we can avoid many of the problems that occurred just a generation ago – problems that many parents face today with their own teeth alignment and oral health.

Early treatment can greatly decrease, and in some cases stop, the need for expensive and expansive fixed orthodontics later. For children’s orthodontics in Gladstone, contact Fanelli Dental to arrange a consultation with Dr Remo Fanelli, a general dentist with more than 30 years of experience in functional orthodontics. With the proper dental care, your child can enjoy excellent oral health for a lifetime.

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